“Rare Girls,” Do they exist?

Who is this, “rare girl” that so many speak of, as if she’s extinct?


I’m sure that there will be a few who may get offended. Sorry in advance, but this is just my opinion.

  She is what you may think to be a, “good girl” but she’s flawed like everyone else. However, she is confident in her skin and believes in herself fully. Living in a digital age, one may become accustomed to a slew of half naked women posting dozens of pictures showing off their “assets”. This has become socially acceptable, partially due to this huge feminist movement still taking place today. Which brings up the question, is putting your entire body on display for a hundred or a thousand likes… truly worth it? (NO! I’m not talking about the models of the world, like Gigi Hadid or Chanel Iman). Furthermore, has this social media obsession skew our vision between morals and/or self-respect? Whose to say that, many of these women with their asses in the camera lens, don’t have self-respect? Maybe they do! But, I sure as hell would not be a mother and applaud my daughter for looking to any of these women as influences. *no shade* Just keeping it real.


This ultimately brings me to what many men are dubbing the, “rare girl”. See men are visual creatures (we all know this). Most men love a woman’s physical appearance and will not be mad at a little cleavage showing. However, more and more men complain that the “rare girls” are becoming extinct, but their Instagram/Twitter, will reveal the COMPLETE opposite. So, what is a “rare girl” you may ask? This is the girl who knows that, her body does not define her and knows when to draw the line. I am all for posts of women in bathing suits laying out, but there’s a trashy way and a classy way to show it off. We are all adults here, many of us know the difference between; softcore porn and hardcore porn; it’s in the same exact lane. Personally, I believe that there’s a time and a place for everything (applies to the online community as well) and being mindful about what one posts, is extremely important.


Is this “rare girl” truly becoming extinct? The answer is…. No. It just seems as though we’re becoming outnumbered! Lol. We know when to draw the line and when to turn it up. Be aware, what one may post online, is normally the only image others see and will judge you by. I’m proud to be amongst this rarity in our society. The respect that I receive from peers, corporations and men, is wonderful. Hopefully, these “rare girls” continue to make their stamp in the world. Because we’re not extinct … Yet! Jk


💋 Jessica


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