Petalle Creations

🌺 Are you wondering what they new obsession is? Well, it is an Etsy shop!

Recently, I’ve become very interested in this Etsy craze. If you’re unsure about what this site is, I will give you my take on it.

Etsy is EBay for creatorsand designers. Perhaps even some up and coming companies or entrepreneurs as well. This is any creators haven for, buying and selling their products.

Recently, I started my hunt for a cute keychain! Does anyone remember the ‘Teddy Bear’ keychain bandwagon?! That was one bandwagon I just could not hop on, even if it was the last bus leaving for Manhattan. However, there’s a new keychain bandwagon to hop onto.

The puff or fluff ball keychain.

This is how the keychain came packaged.

Why? Not only are they gorgeous, they’re so fluffy! Thanks to Etsy, I started my glorious hunt ( that’s only last an hour) to then stumble across, PetalleCreations.


This is a company based in Canada, founded by, Sylvie Lefebvre-McGowan in 2009. Just by looking at the designs, one could tell that the brand is extremely versatile.

The reason why I decided to purchase from her was due to the shipping! Once I read, “Item ships within 1-3 days,” that was the selling point for me. Through my findings, many Etsy shops, have a week process before it’s even sent.

Summary 🌺 With the holidays right around the corner, on top of birthdays and graduations… This is the PERFECT shop to get those stocking stuffers or gifts. The packing is phenomenal and the shipping was perfection. My keychain was about $17 (including shipping) and it looks like it could be worth $40-$50. Yes, the quality is THAT good.

Hope you enjoyed and happy shopping!


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