Why online dating can work!

As I was binge watching ABC Wednesday night and the infamous Match.com commercial came on. This time around I was still wondering if there are still people out there who haven’t dabbled in the online dating field and if so why not?! I have been through the ringer when it comes to online dating and I’ve tried everything from POF, Match.com, OK Cupid, Zoosk, Tinder and the latest, Bumble. I have also gone out of my way to pay for the extra features on many of them and realized they weren’t worth it $50 later. Why do so many go through great lengths to create profiles for each dating site, spend hours to swipe left or swipe right, and would even spend money to find the “one”; I call it…. accessibility. Let’s be honest here! Typically when you are getting ready for a night out with your friends, you go to the same places within proximity to your home or theirs. Normally the reason why you go to the same places is because it’s what you know and you’re comfortable with the surroundings. What if you were told that you can meet the person of your dreams 20 miles away? Would you go? Chances are you won’t because you don’t want to waste money or time, which is why online dating may work for you.257a9a47f8e8847c6a5e5e95c2b81893

Even in 2016, telling your friends, family, or co-workers about how you met your “Mr. right” or “Mrs. right” online, may still be a little awkward. However, in a new age where double tapping, swiping, or sliding in the dms is openly discussed and turned into hit songs, why is online dating still a taboo discussion? I used the Match.com commercial as a great example because of the premise and the same general statement, “Match first dates lead to 6x or 7x more than any other app.” One of the most interesting preferences that you can filter out is distance. Like I said in the beginning of this post, if you never venture out of your proximity or comfort zone then how will you know what else is out there. This is why I love online dating!


I’m sure many of you will or can agree that dating is not what it used to be! My dad has asked me why I do online dating and I don’t need that app, its not that I need it, but it sure does help. In my opinion its great for the millennial men and women who are also getting married later in life as well. Many of us are in school a lot longer, striving to find ourselves first before we enter the dating world and that leaves less time to wait at the bar or club for the “one” to stroll past. All of this change in the dating world is okay and no one should be ashamed of finding their honey through an app. We can use LinkedIn as a way to connect for jobs, so why not find a love through any of the dating sites I listed earlier? Needless to say, online dating isn’t for everyone and it can be overwhelming and to make it easier I listed my top 3 below:

  1. Bumble
  2. Match.com
  3. Zoosk

The next time someone asks you how you met your current bae, baby, or love.. don’t be ashamed to say the app name and with confidence!

Xo Jessica



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